Jumbo Jumper


Hours of bouncing fun on the unique and exciting Jumbo Jumper! Safer than the average trampoline but with the same high bounce fun. Allows children and adults to reach for the sky. The 6.5' tall colorful steel powder coated poles provide support while jumpers bounce up and down on the 5' diameter inner tube. High density tube means extra high bounces. Foam covering on the top of the frame ensures extra safety for all ages. Perfect for small spaces. Recommended for use on carpet or outdoor grass. Compressed air pump required, not included. THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY ON BACK ORDER AND WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL MID JUNE.


Currently not available for order.
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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 77" x W: 55" x D: 55"
  • Power: Inner Tube: 5' dia