Chew Stixx Pencil Toppers


If your child bites, chews, or grinds, give them something safe to chew on. Fits any number 2 pencil, decreases lead exposure, is safe for teeth, is socially acceptable, is allowed in classrooms, increases attention, lowers anxiety levels, and has been proven to improve concentration skills in children constantly seeking sensory input. Includes one smooth and one knobby surfaced topper. Additional Flavors: 3CHPTP-Grape, 3CHPTM-Mint, 3CHPTO-Orange, 3CHPTS-Spearmint. NOTE: Chew products are not returnable.

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 1.25"
  • Warning: Choking Hazard (1) Not for under 3 years.