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Find It® Wildlife Game

$24.00 Ref #: 6FIGZ

Become a wildlife expert as you encounter legendary creatures in Find It® Wildlife. This Contained Adventure™ features 40 animals and safari-related items conce...

Massage Mat

$89.00 Ref #: 9RMPFH

Enjoy yourself and relax with this full length body massager. Do not use massage mat cover with Heated Massage Mat.

Deluxe Single Musical Waterbed

$4,149.00 Ref #: 8ROWBH

Waterbeds for those with sensory, intellectual and physical challenges provide an escape from the ordinary and the opportunity to feel free and soothed. The wa...

Waterbed Treatment

$12.00 Ref #: 8WBTR

Proper maintenance of your waterbed will ensure that it lasts a long time providing your clients with the sensory input necessary every day. Add to the waterbed...

Disc Swing

$129.00 Ref #: 8EMMS

Allows the user to practice planning and positioning their body in space. Maintaining an upright position on an unstable base allows for fine tuning dynamic ves...

Vibrator Mitt

$27.00 Ref #: 3VBMT

The vibrator mitt provides a soft vibrating massage for relaxation and sensory stimulation. This is especially helpful for listless children prior to preparing...

Kinetic Wonder Wall

$2,049.00 Ref #: 9TWKK

The Kinetic Wall has moving parts, discs to spin, bells to ring, balls to spin and a completely new type of puzzle. Lots to inspire visual and tactile stimulati...

Vibroacoustic Cushion

$539.00 Ref #: 9RSCN

This pillow can pack a powerful punch! Now includes the TFH vibroacoustic stereo. The TFH Vibroacoustic Range magnifies musical vibrations so they are felt mor...

Vibrating Snake

$24.00 Ref #: 3STVS

Very popular battery-operated flexible vibrating snake. Allows the user to move the vibration behind their back. The gentle vibrations are quite soothing. Fl...

Knobbly Vibrating Pillow

$59.00 Ref #: 3VBVP

Vinyl cover, foam pillow with plastic knobs. Squeeze to activate.

Single Musical Waterbed

$2,649.00 Ref #: 8WBMBS

Water is a great medium for music and vibroacoustic therapy. The warmth of the waterbed encourages relaxation of tense muscles and freedom to move as never befo...

Sound Light Dome Podium

$1,899.00 Ref #: 3SOLDP

Create a symphony of color using your voice! The Sound Light Dome changes color in response to sound. The colors actually relate to the pitch of the sound so w...

Bolster Swing

$395.00 Ref #: 8TBLS

The Bolster requires the user to hang on. Can be attached to two or four connection points. Includes adjustable ropes. Weight Limit - 140 Lbs.

Multi Voice Changer

$17.00 Ref #: 3MVCH

This multi-voice changer amplifies your voice and features 10 different voice modifiers and flashing LED lights. Simply use the side levers to create various co...

Versatile Activity Arch

$59.00 Ref #: 8TTAC

Versatile Activity Arch provides a variety of engaging activities suitable on the floor or on a desk. For more information, see below. Suitable for use on the...

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