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12" Mirror Ball

$59.00 Ref #: 9MBMO

Reflects hundreds of slowly moving stars around the room with pinspot (not included). Slow moving 1 RPM Motor. Adds another dimension to your sensory room. Grea...

Mini Mirror Ball Set

$59.00 Ref #: 9MBUJ

8" battery-operated mirror ball and easy mount mini spot light. Includes 4 colored filters.

Battery Operated Mirror Ball

$32.00 Ref #: 9MBBO

Brilliant mirror ball. No electric needed. The glass mirror tiles offer an increased number of reflective tiles for a more dazzling and more colorful lighting e...

Hang Alone Mirror Ball

$45.00 Ref #: 3HAMB

Comes complete with multi-colored LED's and includes a triple function, on/off, all on, or sound activated switch.

Learning & Sensory Wall - Left Quarter Circle

$659.00 Ref #: 9LSLC

These walls for learning promote perception and precision motor skills and offer optical, acoustic and sensory elements. Includes spinning mirror, sliding games...

MSE @ Home

$989.00 Ref #: 9MSEH

Transform a bedroom or any smaller space into a Multi-Sensory Environment. It includes 10 of our more popular items. It's all you need to create a quiet space t...

MSE Starter Pack 2

$6,599.00 Ref #: 9MSES2

Looking at turning a room into a Multi-Sensory Environment? This starter pack has 22 of our most popular items requested in a Multi-Sensory Environment. This p...

LED Pinspot RGBW

$149.00 Ref #: 9NLEDRGBW

Pinspot with red, green, blue and white diodes on one LED. It produces sharp 15-degree beams of light and is designed for color wash, accent items or shine on...

MSE Starter Pack 1

$4,499.00 Ref #: 9MSES1

Get your sensory programming up and running with this super starter pack. All the essential equipment is included. The Bubble Tube, Projector and Fiber Optics...