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Fiber Optic Carpet

$799.00 Ref #: 9FOCP

This 3' x 3' black carpet has 75 points of light that gradually change color and sparkle to encourage eye tracking and visual stimulation. May be placed on the...

Interactive Fiber Optic Spray

$1,299.00 Ref #: 91MSGI

The mesmerizing length of lighted tails will keep you intrigued for a long time. Use your imagination and see what you can do with this beautiful bunch of "spag...

Fiber Optic Wall Sconce with Tails

$1,069.00 Ref #: 9FOWSF

Includes Sconce, Sparkle Light Source and Fiber Optic Tails (100).

Wireless Controlled Fiber Optic Spray

$1,599.00 Ref #: 91MSGW

Enjoy taking control of your fiber optics from anywhere in the room. This brilliant fiber optic spray with 100 tails includes our Sparkle Light Source, Wireless...

Fiber Optic Spray

$899.00 Ref #: 91MSG

100 flexible plastic fiber optic strands emitting soft lights all the way down each strand. Slowly changing colors and a sparkle feature make it hard to leave...

Genie Controlled Fiber Optic Spray

$1,199.00 Ref #: 91MSGG

With our new MSE Genie technology, you can control your fiber optics from your iPad or iPhone. No wifi required. It's Bluetooth! Includes our Genie Sparkle Ligh...

Fiber Optic waterfall

$1,589.00 Ref #: 9FOWL

A cascade of shimmering Fiber Optics that is threaded through a 24" square mirrored platform. Price includes a light source. For drop ceiling installation only...

Fiber Optic Curtain

$1,419.00 Ref #: 9WFOC

A captivating spray of changing light which will catch and retain an individual's attention. The strands are meant to be manipulated (but not put in mouth) and...

Fiber Optic Light

$8.00 Ref #: 9FOLT

This classic Fiber Optic Light features white lighted crystal rocks in the bottom and a white lighted fiber optic spray on the top. A light show within reach...

Fiber Optic Wall Sconce

$169.00 Ref #: 9FOWS

Attractive cover for Sparkle Light Source. Protects electronics and adds mirrored dimension to any sensory room. Hang at any height on the wall to let the Fib...

Fiber Optic Waterfall Ceiling Bracket

$69.00 Ref #: 9FOWLB

Your Fiber Optic Waterfall or Fiber Optic Curtain is securely attached to this modified ceiling tile bracket which replaces a current 24" drop ceiling tile. One...

Rotating Fiber Optic Light

$12.00 Ref #: 9FOLTR

A light show within your reach and is okay to touch. Hundreds of thin optic fibers fan out gracefully while multicolored phasing LEDs slowly illuminate them....

Fiber Optic Light Kit

$24.00 Ref #: 9FOLTK

This kit contains 3 different fiber optic lights and each has numerous thin fiber optics that fan out gracefully and light up. One of them rotates, which feels...

Micro Fiber Optic Light

$3.00 Ref #: 9FOLTM

A light show within your reach and is okay to touch. The tips of the super-thin fiber optics light up the color of the base and flare out in a bouncy spray ap...

Jumbo Fiber Optic Spray

$899.00 Ref #: 91MJT

12 extra thick side emitting tails are fun to handle and never get tangled up. Includes Sparkle Light Source.

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