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Genie Bubble Tubes

$1,799.00 Ref #: 9BC120GN

TFH Exclusive. The only Bubble Tube on the market controlled by a unique app. Our MSE Genie System uses Bluetooth technology and allows the user independence to...

Wireless Bubble Tubes

$2,179.00 Ref #: 9BC120NW

Wireless is the way to go. Freedom to control your environment without messy cables getting in the way. You can now connect multiple Bubble Tubes and Fiber Op...

Interactive Bubble Tubes

$1,899.00 Ref #: 9BC120N

This bubble tube empowers user to control their environment with the included 4 Button Color Controller. Four sizes available (see right). All of our 6" tubes h...

Bubble Walls

$1,429.00 Ref #: 9BW120N

Space saving bubble wall, very robust, requires only 1 quart of water.  A Bubble Wall is a great way of saving space especially in a sensory room. It is strong...

Bubble Tube Cleaner

$35.00 Ref #: 9BCC

Keep your investment safe for all. Use TFH recommended Bubble Tube Cleaner. This is a hospital grade disinfectant which kills most germs and viruses depending...

Bubble Tube Fish

$10.00 Ref #: 9BCFSH

Fun little fish that "swim" around your bubble tube.  Three fish that bob and weave about in the bubbles. Great for visual tracking, color recognition and fun e...

Bubble Tube Wipes

$16.00 Ref #: 9BCCW

Germicidal disposable wipe that kills 45 microorganisms in 3 minutes. Bactericidal, Tuberculocidal, Virucidal. Alcohol, fragrance, bleach, acid, phenol, aceton...

Infinity Bubble Walls

$1,729.00 Ref #: 9NW120A

The bubbles in this sleek bubble wall are multiply reflected, giving a wonderful feeling of depth. Infinity Bubble Wall is a great way of saving space especiall...

Budget Bubble Tube

$479.00 Ref #: 9BC120U

Durable, affordable Bubble Tube perfect for promoting calming in a bedroom or small sensory room. The colors cycle brightly in a darkened room and the bubbles t...

Bubble Tube Drainage Pump

$32.00 Ref #: 9BCPUMP

Make sure your Bubble Tubes last a very long time. Regular maintenance including cleaning the tubes at least once a year keeps your investment at peak performa...

Tabletop Bubble Tube

$459.00 Ref #: 3BCSST

Perfect size bubble tube for young and old alike. Sits conveniently on a flat surface for up close fun. Portable so you can take it with you or move from room t...

Aquarium Bubble Tube - Height 70"

$1,549.00 Ref #: 9BC175AQ

Enjoy cheerful little fish swimming up and down this 70" bubble tube as the lights gradually change colors. They dance around the adjustable flow bubbles of thi...

Bubble Tube Security Bracket

$79.00 Ref #: 9BCBR

Keep your Bubble Tube secure with our specially designed bracket.  Adjustable, acrylic bracket attaches to the wall (hardware not included) to prevent movement...

Active Bubble Tube - 48"

$1,499.00 Ref #: 9BC120A

A really good Bubble Tube has bright controllable colors. It's quiet pump is powerful and cannot only be controlled by a user with a switch, but also adjusted s...

Bubble Tube Additive

$29.00 Ref #: 9BCCA

Anti-algae water treatment. Keeps the water clean.

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