Large Ball Blanket


Swaddle your child in this ball-filled blanket to create an intense feeling of security. As they move over the body, the weight and movement of the hollow polyethylene balls create pressure points that act as inhibitors to confusing sensory impulses for a soothing, stress-free effect. Balls are encased in a separate sack and remove easily for laundering. Blanket weighs about 16 lbs. Machine-washable microsuede blanket cover features industrial-strength touch-fastener closures. The encased balls can be washed as well but not dried. You can put the inside sack in any washer that will hold it for a warm water - NOT hot water wash; for drying you can shake it and lay it over a shower rod, take a towel and quickly wipe it over the entire sack and it will be dry. Made in the USA.


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 70" x W: 55"