Crinkle Blanket with Therapy Balls


The Crinkle Blanket that can be used to snuggle under…wrap it around…or wiggle across it to produce unusual “crinkle” sounds.  Perfect for young children to crawl over or play inside to our adult population to work with tactile and auditory input.  This soft, cozy Micro Suede Blanket Cover features industrial-strength touch-fastener closures so that you can remove the Nylon cover that has mylar crinkle liner inside with therapy balls encased for auditory and tactile fun. You can remove our nylon liner and add your own contents to vary the sound experience. Outside Blanket is Machine-washable. Our nylon bag can be sprayed and wiped down with your sanitizer. THIS ITEM WILL DROP SHIP FROM THE MANUFACTURER AND TAKE AROUND 10-14 DAYS FOR DELIVERY. Assorted colors. Made in the USA


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 40" x W: 29"