Olive Massage Ball


LIMITED SUPPLIES LEFT! NOW 10% OFF!! Textured products provide sensory enhancement, relieve tension and increase emotional stability. This product contains many different features; stimulating touch development, build tactile defense ability through throwing and catching and sensory enhancement from hand gripping and releasing.


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 5" x W: 2"

2 Reviews

Linda G.Verified Buyer.
I like this ball! It is a harder type plastic that can handle oral stimulation and the nibs sticking out from it offer tactile sensation for hands or for massaging. My son is 28. Using a whole hand grasp, he can hold the size and shape of this ball easily. He also still likes oral stimulation and this ball seems strong enough to handle that.
Tammy schwartz S.Verified Buyer.
have not used it yet because i did not know if it contained latex. does it contain latex