Knobbly Vibrating Pillow


LIMITED SUPPLIES LEFT! NOW 10% OFF!!! Vinyl cover, foam pillow with plastic knobs. Squeeze to activate.


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 10.25" x W: 10.25" x H: 4"
  • Power: 2 x D, Not Included

6 Reviews

Shahana Y.Verified Buyer.
All over is good and my son is enjoying this pillow. The problem is vibration sound. We cannot take it in quite place like plane when we travel .
Margaret V.Verified Buyer.
Very good for sensitivity issues for kids with special needs
Lisa B.Verified Buyer.
It's a great sensory device. My son loves laying his head on it. It has stopped him from hitting his head on things so get the input he needed.
Mark D.Verified Buyer.
Seeme pretty well made,and "does the job"for my son. Only criticism is that it's very difficult to fit the batteries (maybe this could be a bonus as itmeans they won't fall out!)
Louise C.Verified Buyer.
Very good. Easy to press & vibrate.
Simon B.Verified Buyer.
Really good. My son loves it.