Versatile Sensory Corner Kit


This WIRELESS flexible space helps you create a Stimulating Environment or Calming Environment quickly and easily. One package; two different sensory corners. All the essential elements you need to deliver a variety of sensory experiences. Available in two sizes of Podium (24" or 36"). Package Includes... 70" Wireless Interactive Bubble Tube (includes 4-Button Color Controller) Ball Switch Bubble Tube Security Bracket 24" Podium & Acrylic Mirrors (9VSSC) OR 36" Podium & Acrylic Mirrors (9VSSC36) SNAP Projector with Liquid Wheel, 1 additional Calming Wheel, 2 additional Stimulating Wheels Fiber Optic Tails (80" long x 100 strands) Aromatherapy Diffuser with four additional oils Boombox CD/MP3 Stereo - 2 Calming CDs and 2 Upbeat CDs 36" Shelf Gem Sphere XL Bean Bag Bubble Tube Cleaner Bubble Tube Additive Bubble Tube Pump