Indoor Sensory Gym Frame


This stand alone sensory integration solution will provide years of fun and important vestibular and motor therapy. There is plenty of room to hang a variety of swings on the two integral tracks embedded in the top bar. Swing, glide, climb to your hearts content. Add one of the accessories to vary each session. This product is made to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. • Offers 27 workouts • Includes two rotary systems and two rope height adjusters • Incorporates suggestions from therapists and educators • Climbing ladder on both ends • Jungle Gym Cross Bar • Stationary Center Rotary System • Tracking System that glides 8' length • Monkey bar system (6 1/2'H x 8'L) • High-quality, pressure-treated wood construction • Ability to rotate swing attachments •  500-lb. weight capacity Accessories connect to any single swivel or double standard attachment. Class Champs is made of the highest-quality, pressure-treated wood and can be set up in minutes.   Class Champs brings vestibular activities to a whole new level adding the dimensions of climbing, gliding, spinning and linear acceleration. You pick your own attachments and you're ready to go. Class Champs is the indoor playground your kids have only dreamed of, until now.


Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 96" x W: 36" x H: 108"