Active Bubble Tube - 48"

OUR REF #: 9BC120A

A really good Bubble Tube has bright controllable colors. It's quiet pump is powerful and cannot only be controlled by a user with a switch, but also adjusted so that the volume of air it produces suits the mood of the space (gentle flow is more relaxing; a torrent is very stimulating). It is strong and securely fastened in place and will not leak. We build our Bubble Tubes to meet these standards. Our pumps also have a pulse feature which works beautifully with a Ping Pong Insert or Fish. DISTILLED WATER NEEDED: 9BC120A (48") 5. 5 gallons 9BC175A (70") 8 gallons 9BC200A (80") 9 gallons


Additional Information

  • Dimensions: H: 48" x Dia: 6