SchKIDules Entire Gallery Combo Pack




The Entire Gallery is a 132 piece set that combines activities from the Home, School and Specials Collections (including repeats), includes 19 headings. Simply use them on on any magnetically receptive surface to communicate the day’s events to a child. Each magnet is 2"×2", laminated with a dry erase friendly finish and 30 mil quality thickness. Magnets included: Activity Table, Arrival, Art, Arts an Crafts, Assembly, Bath, Bedtime, Bike Ride, Blocks, Break, Breakfast (x2), Brush Teeth (x2), Calender, Centers, Choice, church, circle time, clean room, Clean Up, clear stairs, clear table, comb hair, computers (x2), cubby/locker, dance, dentist, dessert, dinner, dishes, dismissal, doctor, drink, Ears listening, English, Eyes looking family time, feed pets, field trip, foreign language, free time, games (x2), garbage, get dressed, going out, group work, gymnastics, haircut, half day, hat/gloves, homework, independent work, Instrument/band, jacket, laundry, library (x2), lights on/off, line up, lunch (x2), make bed, math, medicine, movie night, music Class/Chorus, music lesson, nap, no talking, nurse, OT, out to eat, outside play, P. E. , pack backpack, pack up, pajamas party, phone, pick up toys, play date, playground, PT, puzzles, quiet hands, read aloud, reading (x2), recess, rest, restroom (x2), safety drill, school, science, set table, shoes, shopping, show and tell, shower, sit down, snack (x2), social group, social studies, special event (x2), speech, spelling, sports, stand up, stop, swim, tablet (x2), therapy, toy time, trip, TV, unpack backpack (x2), video games, wake up, walk, wash hands (x2), wipe sink, writing, zoo/aquarium.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: Magnets - L: 2" x W: 2"
  • Warning: Choking Hazard (1) Not for under 3 years.