Deluxe Single Musical Waterbed


Waterbeds for those with sensory, intellectual and physical challenges provide an escape from the ordinary and the opportunity to feel free and soothed. The warmth of the waterbed relaxes tense muscles and joints. The movement of the water is great vestibular therapy. The connection to the surface of the waterbed with the entire body provides excellent body awareness. Our Deluxe Single Musical Waterbed is surrounded in firm foam with vinyl that is easy to clean and disinfect and gives the user a great sense of security while providing a good place to sit and supervise. A removable keystone means that this waterbed remains hoist accessible. Stereo is included. Must use the correct stereo (50 Watt Continuous) in order to prevent any failures.  The warranty is also void if the incorrect stereo is used. Made in USA. CPSIA compliant. Pthalate free.


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 115" x W: 79" x H: 18"