Vibroacoustic Bench


Experience sound in a whole new way. The Vibroacoustic Bench is the newest addition to our line of vibroacoustic positioning furniture that allows the user to feel the vibration of the music through the bench. Vibration is a great way to get the proprioceptive input many sensory seekers crave.  Vibroacoustic input is proven to induce relaxation, body awareness, soothe tense muscles and allow stretching and strengthening of joints and muscles. The amount of vibration is completely adjustable with the choice of music and the base selection so you can customize this bench to suit anyone. The included stereo must be used to prevent any failures. Comes with a receiver and CD player. Our stereo is Bluetooth compatible. Now you can connect your phone or tablet to our stereo receiver and select your favorite music. The warranty is void if the incorrect stereo is used. The Vibroacoustic Bench is made out of a sturdy painted wooden base and a padded cushion. Wipe clean. We recommend that it be placed on a shelf near the bench. Weight Limit: 180.  


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 48.5” x W: 27” x H: 17.5”