Gluten Free Scented Play Clay


2012 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD FOR CREATIVE PLAY Play Clay embraces 3 of the senses: Sight, Touch & Smell. The more senses used, the more effective the activity. It is not flaky or crumbly. It does not stain! Organic ingredients are used to make this softer, sweet-smelling clay. Made in the USA. Includes 6 1/2-lb. tubs. (Red/Cherryberry, Green/Sour Apple, Yellow/Pineapple Punch, Orange/Orange Sherbet, Blue/Blueberry Blast, Purple/Grape Bubblegum). Also comes in Non-Gluten-Free Scented Play Clay (3MODOUS). This is a drop ship item and may take 2 weeks for delivery from manufacturer. Additional Information: Benefits: Therapists use play dough to help children learn and develop and for calming measures. Play Clay embraces 3 of the senses:sight, touch, & smell. The more senses used, the more effective the activity. Did you know that the sense of smell is linked to long-term memory? Teachers use play dough to help students remember letters and numbers; and with Play Clay, the scent also helps preschoolers develop longer attention spans! Play Clay is one of the best educational toys you can give a preschooler for early development. Storage: Keep dough wrapped securely in plastic to avoid exposing it to air. If you put Play Clay in a container, we recommend that it be wrapped in plastic first. If dough begins to dry, add a little water & knead.  Stored properly, Play Clay will last & last. . . some say, even for years!  To keep scent fresh longer, store Play Clay in a cool place.   Heat will cause scent to dissipate more quickly.  The fridge is perfect, but optional. Play Clay can even be stored in the freezer for future use, for instance, if you wish to give it as a gift at a later time.


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