Chew Noodle - Super


The Super Chewnoodle is non-toxic, FDA-approved, silicone. It provides a safe and bacteria-free alternative for individuals who need oral sensory input. The new solid tube design has been modified to be stronger and endure excessive chewing.  Individuals who need continuous chewing stimulation may choose to use this product for longer durability. The bumpy texture is a chewable hand-fidget for individuals craving sensory input. The clear tube has a blue tint to give it a distinct look as well as to be more appealing to those seeking a product to be more discreet. The 8" x 1/2" diameter Chewnoodle tube is attached to a lightweight aluminum carabiner that can be clipped onto a shirt, belt loop, or strap for easy access and to reduce the risk of being dropped or lost. Use with adult supervision.


£28.00 (exc. VAT)