Monkey Weather Chart



£44.95 (exc. VAT)


This interactive wall-hanging chart can be used to help teach children to identify different weather conditions and what clothing is relevant for each climate. This can help develop the skills needed for independent living as they get older. Discussing what day of the week it is and then adding the relevant tab at the top will help develop an understanding of the concept of time and can also aid imaginative story telling. This visually stimulating chart is designed to help cognitive development by linking a number of concepts together, helping children to order and process a variety of different information. The interactive element helps to develop fine motor skills as the user grips and sticks each felt piece to the chart, and provides proprioceptive input as the user establishes the level of force required to attach each piece to the colourful background. 

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 73 x 49 x 2cm