Sensory Path - Nature Adventure Hop


Kids love to move and take a break from sitting at a desk. These rooms and hallways with decals are set up to help students regulate their body so that they can enter their classrooms ready to learn. Try our Nature Hop set of removable vinyl floor decals and quickly create your own games! Just peel and stick it in your school hallways, library, gym, activity room, classroom or anywhere there is a smooth surface. 2 Languages: ENGLISH, FRENCH This set comes with: 45 Directional Arrows 26 Alphabet Stumps 10 Numbered lily pads 7 Activity Logs 3 Hop Over Ponds 4 Boulders with ladybugs 2 branches 1 Start Plank 1 Finish Plank 16 Pebbles LAYOUT & ACTIVITY GUIDE


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