Easy Pop-Up Dark Cave


Ultra Violet illumination is an excellent source of visual stimulation - enabling viewers to experience light and colour in a completely different way to the everyday world. UV light is most effective when viewed in a totally dark environment which is where the Cosy Cave comes into its own. The pop-up structure’s double nylon skin completely blocks out all external light allowing the viewer to focus purely on the UV.Multi-sensory stimulation It is widely recognized that ‘seeing’, combined with additional sensory stimulation, is best for effective learning – seeing items illuminated by UV provides a sense of wonder and encourages additional engagement using the sense of touch.An enclosed dark space can also be extremely beneficial for children needing some quiet ‘time-out’. The Dark/ Cozy Cave can be used as a private den allowing children to feel secure, but is easily accessible due to the removable roof.39" x 39" x 39"  (1 metre cube)


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