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Feast your eyes on VISUAL a senses category. If your looking for products that will encourage peripheral vision or visual tracking, you should start here. However, many Visual skills such as spatial awareness in PRIOPRIOCEPTION or eye to hand co-ordination, MOTOR and SOCIALIZATION, are best served by products found in other categories.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

Top sellers in this Category

  • Prismatic

    NEW LOW PRICE!!!This double-headed light show will fill your room with...

  • Cloud Ceiling
    Cloud Ceiling

    Convert your boring old ceiling. This flame retardant voile fabric hung...

  • Disco Planet
    Disco Planet

    Disco Planet will get your party started! LED-covered rings surround the...

  • Double Disco Ball
    Double Disco Ball

    Beams of multi colored lights create interest in a sensory room or...

  • Disco Fever
    Disco Fever

    Shift your party into overdrive with the Mirror Madness Party Light.Not...

  • H2O

    The H20 s a multi-colored simulated water flowing effect with a 12W LED...


New products

  • Colored Ball Pool Balls
    Colored Ball Pool Balls

    100 balls in assorted bright colors, each measuring 3.125" in diameter....

  • Mini Tire Swing
    Mini Tire Swing

    Mini Tire Swings are a wild ride.It has a one-roped, lightweight...

  • Super Net Swing
    Super Net Swing

    A relaxing space, that can be wild. A human-shaped nest swing, it is...

  • Nest Swing
    Nest Swing

    Nest swings are becoming more and more popular!The soft net base and...