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Sensory Integration

This category has a wealth of confidence boosting swings and other active products that, through weight shifting, stimulate balance, a key element in sensory integration therapy. Products which use that sense of balance are found in the MOTOR category.

Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items
Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items

Top sellers in this Category

  • Foldaway Swing Frame
    Foldaway Swing Frame

    The TFH Foldaway Swing Frame is a great addition to any clinic,...

  • TFH Swing Frame-Single
    TFH Swing Frame-Single

    TFH Swing Frames are the highest quality on the market designed for many...

  • Bouncer with Handle-Orange Camo
    Bouncer with Handle-Orange Camo

    A colorful trampoline to deliver the right sensory input for each...

  • Rope Swing
    Rope Swing

    Tailor made for one, the Single Rope Swing extends with a spacious woven...

  •  Indoor Swing Frame Feet Set of 4
    Indoor Swing Frame Feet Set of 4

    Stable feet that convert a Single, Double or Triple frame for indoor...

  • Airy-Fairy Baby Swing
    Airy-Fairy Baby Swing

    What a super feeling to glide through the air!  Children can safely...


New products

  • Colored Ball Pool Balls
    Colored Ball Pool Balls

    100 balls in assorted bright colors, each measuring 3.125" in diameter....

  • Mini Tire Swing
    Mini Tire Swing

    Mini Tire Swings are a wild ride.It has a one-roped, lightweight...

  • Super Net Swing
    Super Net Swing

    A relaxing space, that can be wild. A human-shaped nest swing, it is...

  • Nest Swing
    Nest Swing

    Nest swings are becoming more and more popular!The soft net base and...