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Jungle Jumparoo Mini


The Jungle JumpaRoo® Mini is an exact replica of the larger Jungle Jumparoo, however, it is scaled to fit smaller children and smaller living spaces.
The Mini is ideal for apartments, smaller play rooms and toddler age children. 
Jumping & Autism
Tests have linked bouncing with positive benefits for children with autism.
The sheer fun and sense of well-being encourages vestibular system input, which controls movement and balance as well as awareness of body positioning. Bouncing also assists with motion feedback, how the body responds to movement through space and perception.
Jumping and balancing on a Jungle JumpaRoo® while holding onto the secure and sturdy bars can help physical sensory integration with the body’s different systems, unlike the traditional trampoline.
This is an added benefit for children with sensitive sensory input.
Allowing friends, siblings and neighborhood kids to jump together will also provide a social benefit for the child.


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Dimensions L: 45" x W: 45" x D: 45"
Power Inner Tube: 4ft. x 4ft.
Weight Product Weight: 50lbs.