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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items

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  • Critter Clinic
    Critter Clinic

    This child-sized veterinarian’s kit encourages active exploration....

  • Roll & Play
    Roll & Play

    To play, simply toss the big plush cube and identify which colored side...

  • All About You, All About Me
    All About You, All About Me

    These questions will help your children sharpen their ability to ask and...

  • Kimochis Mixed Feelings Pack 4
    Kimochis Mixed Feelings Pack 4

    Mixed Feelings Pack 4 contains six feelings to add to your emotional...

  • I Feel Stamps
    I Feel Stamps

    A great tool for teaching children about emotions.Feeling sad? Stamp a...

  • Moody Monsters
    Moody Monsters

    32 Kooky monster-themed memory card game.  Stimulates cognitive...


New products

  • Bubble Wall - Tabletop
    Bubble Wall - Tabletop

    This tabletop model style bubble panel provides a fun and relaxing...

  • Bubble Wall Wave
    Bubble Wall Wave

    Give into the feeling of being bedazzled with this water panel’s new...

  • Tactile Solution Kit
    Tactile Solution Kit

    Here's a group of our most popular tactile products to use with just...

  • Sensory Ball Kit
    Sensory Ball Kit

    Enjoy this kit filled with fun shapes and textures. Develop your fine...