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Sensory Backpacks

Find the essential items to help regulate over stimulated or under stimulated sensory systems. Each of these backpack can be conveniently placed in a classroom, at home or in a clinic for easy access when needed. Now you will be ready for anything!

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

Top sellers in this Category

  • Quiet Fidget & Fun Backpack
    Quiet Fidget & Fun Backpack

    This backpack is great for individuals in settings where they must be...

  • Sensory Ball Kit
    Sensory Ball Kit

    Enjoy this kit filled with fun shapes and textures. Develop your fine...

  • Sensory Brush Kit
    Sensory Brush Kit

    Here's a bunch of brushes to soothe and calm. Each brush has a different...

  • Tactile Awareness Bag
    Tactile Awareness Bag

    The Tactile Awareness Bag contains 18 products of super durable...

  • Sensory Travel Bag
    Sensory Travel Bag

    Why borrow someone else's sensory kit when you travel or go on an outing...

  • Visual Sensory Backpack
    Visual Sensory Backpack

    Now you can enjoy visual stimulation anywhere with this convenient...


New products

  • Stacking Tower Blocks
    Stacking Tower Blocks

    Softshapes can be used as a set or individually.Great for learning games...

  • Rainbow Arch Climber
    Rainbow Arch Climber

    Climb over a rainbow of activity with varying heights. Nine separate...

  • Crawly Caterpillar
    Crawly Caterpillar

    Crawl away on our bright and soft Crawly Caterpillar! Fun to explore and...

  • Bear Rocker
    Bear Rocker

    This cute bear rocker encourages active play and helps improve balance...