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Weighted Compression Vest - XL (RED)


The red weighted compression vest is designed to calm and provide steady pressure with great color so your kids can focus and learn in style.
Combined pressure and side weights function as a reassuring deep, calming hug.
Made of neoprene, the vests are designed for comfort with soft mesh material on the sides to increase airflow and overall comfort.
Hook and loop closures on the sides allow for maximum comfort, easy sizing, and quick removal.
The hook and loops give an extra 2 inches on each side for closure.
Weights are safely positioned in pockets inside the vest and can be added or removed. Vests include two 1/2 pound weights and four 1/4 pound weights for a total of 2 pounds. 
1/2 lb weights fits all sizes and 1 lb weights fits sizes M-XL.
Machine washable in cold water when weights are removed.
It is generally recommended that weights be worn 20 continuous minutes on and 20 minutes off. Compression can be worn without a time limit. Consult with your child's occupational therapist to determine what is the proper number of weights your child should be wearing.
Include two 1/2 Pound and four 1/4 Pound Weights.
Sizes available: XXS (9WTCVXXS),L-Red (9WTCVLR), XL-Blue (9WTCVXL), XL-Red (9WTCVXLR)

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Dimensions Chest Size: 41” - 46" (L: 24" - 26")