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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

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  • Medium Squease Vest
    Medium Squease Vest

    NEW LOW PRICE! Squease is an inflatable deep pressure vest.People who...

  • Weighted Hoodie-Teen/Adult Large
    Weighted Hoodie-Teen/Adult Large

    Adults wear this hoodie while being super-comfortable and stylish, no...

  • Snug Vest - Small Sizes
    Snug Vest - Small Sizes

    Snug Vest is an inflatable vest for providing Deep Pressure Therapy.Firm...

  • Weighted Compression Vests
    Weighted Compression Vests

    These weighted vests are made by perforated Neoprene and comfortable...

  • Deep Pressure Vests
    Deep Pressure Vests

    These small vests are made with perforated Neoprene and comfortable...

  • Manimo® Weighted Lizard
    Manimo® Weighted Lizard

    The Manimo® are weighted animals providing to older and younger children...


New products

  • Rainbow Arch Climber
    Rainbow Arch Climber

    Climb over a rainbow of activity with varying heights. Nine separate...

  • Crawly Caterpillar
    Crawly Caterpillar

    Crawl away on our bright and soft Crawly Caterpillar! Fun to explore and...

  • Bear Rocker
    Bear Rocker

    This cute bear rocker encourages active play and helps improve balance...

  • Piano Climber
    Piano Climber

    Kids who love to crawl will love this cushioned keyboard on this...