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Safety Sleeper Twin Size


The Safety Sleeper is a portable bed enclosure system, light-weight (under 30 lb.) but yet durable and easy to assemble. The bed is fully enclosed: whatever was left outside, stays outside; whatever ws brought in with the sleeper stays with your sleeper. The enclosed bed helps prevent your loved one from unattended wandering.

  • Our zipper locking mechanism provides extra safety at each entrance of The Safety Sleeper bed. A hook & loop system is connected to the zipper head of each entrance and is secured to the roof of the enclosure. This ensures your loved one cannot accidentally open the enclosed bed and fall into a dangerous situation.

  • Our fire retardant material adds an extra level of security. Our fire retardant material slows down the spread of the fire and improves the opportunity for safe escape.

  • Our stabilizing straps secure The Safety Sleeper to any twin or full size bed frames to eliminate tipping and moving of the bed.

  • Our coverlets offer a variety of benefits from easy removal for washing and changing to eliminating the threat of entrapment with our zipper locking mechanism to. This coverlet ensures that nothing can slip between the mattress and The Safety Sleeper enclosure.

  • Additional back zipper webbing so your loved one cannot get to any of the opening mechanisms from inside the bed; The Safety Sleeper completely contains your loved one in a secure non-threatening structure.

  • Extra frame padding to add another layer of safety and soft comfort for your loved one. (sold separately)

  • Double stitching to ensure the enclosures will stand the test of time and wear and tear.

  • Includes travel suitcase.

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Dimensions L: 75" X W: 39" X D: 10"