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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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  • Foam Floor Tiles
    Foam Floor Tiles

    A soft landing is so important whether you are coming off a swing or...

  • Colored Ball Pool Balls
    Colored Ball Pool Balls

    100 balls in assorted bright colors, each measuring 3.125" in diameter....

  • Adaptive Traverse Climbing Wall-4'
    Adaptive Traverse Climbing Wall-4'

    Make rock climbing more accessible with the Adaptive  Traverse Climbing...

  • Rock Wall
    Rock Wall

    Great way to use muscle that may not get exercised regularly.See how far...

  • Sensory Gym Balance Beam
    Sensory Gym Balance Beam

    This indoor balance beam can be set up on Indoor Sensory Integration...

  • Adaptive Traverse Climbing Wall-12'
    Adaptive Traverse Climbing Wall-12'

    12' long climbing wall with oversized hand and foot holds and 2" floor...


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