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6" Liquid Effects Wheel


This wheel combines vivid colored immiscible liquids! Immerse yourself in the warm comfort of Cosmic Flare, where red-hot and molten orange flows like lava. 
Imagine a warm glow as you allow these strong colors of the summer sun to radiate your room and ease your mind. 
This bright flame incorporates floating yellows, greens and blue hot orbs.
These 6" Effects Wheels are made for the Solar Projectors, but are also compatible with our SNAP Projector.
The liquid effects projecting constantly moving and mixing globules of colored light. The original use for these wheels was in light shows, clubs and discos. As well as this use 6" Liquid Effect Wheels started to be used in chill out environments and now form an almost essential part of any Multi-Sensory Therapy environment.


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Dimensions 6"