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MotionLearn Pro Interactive Floor


MotionLearn™ Interactive Projection Systems offer a creative, immersive dynamic in today’s education technology – transforming any wall or floor space into a large interactive activity. Children of all ages are able to develop their cognitive motor skills and social behaviors through the customized games & effects that have been designed specifically for this purpose.
Learning and therapy have never been so much fun. This all-in-one solution incorporates specific applications geared towards children with developmental delays. This innovative product is fully adaptable for all children at any developmental stage. See below for more information.
Note: There is a 10% restocking fee for any returns at any time after purchase.

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Power MAINS - Switched outlet
Weight 35 lb.
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Teachers, clinics, and therapists can design group or individual programs around the child’s specific needs with any of our customizable interactive applications. The system comes with everything needed to transform any floor or wall into a giant interactive activity. Aids in language development, emotional adjustment, social communication, body awareness, coordination and daily living skills.
Use your body or other objects to affect the images on the floor or wall. This offers projection that responds to body movement when it is detected by our state-of-the-art motion sensor. Ready out of the box. Comes loaded with 25 applications. Mounting hardware included. Installation instructions included and at bottom of this page.
Benefits of MotionLearn Interactive Floor
  • All-in One Solution. Comes with Projector, Mounting Hardware, Remote Controls and Wireless Keyboard.
  • Fully integrated system all in one box.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Plug and play.
  • High Resolution. 5500 Lumens for brilliant projection.
  • Applications designed specifically for children with developmental delays. 
  • Lens Throw Ratio 1.2. One mounted unit creates up to 200” display. Mounting bracket included.
  • Can be mounted up to 18 feet high.
  • Includes and shipped in flight case. It is recommended that you retain this case.
Ships directly from the manufacturer. Lead time 10 business days.
Benefits for Special Needs
Our applications encourage not only healthy psychological development but also help children build stronger and healthier bodies. Certain applications encouraging movement and participation while following strict rules of the game. Children are allowed to develop social behaviors in a controlled environment that provides the security the child needs as well as the exposure. One of the biggest advantages we have is that our applications are developed with solely the child in mind, they are specifically designed to assist clinicians to perform effective therapies while easing the stress of repetitive processes. We develop our applications based on the extensive experiences of teachers and clinicians who provide care for children with special needs every day. The principles behind our methods are developed from studies done by autism professionals in the US and Europe. Our applications are constantly evolving as new studies are published and better methods are discovered.
Installation Considerations:
When calculating the most suitable mounting solution for a new system, the key aspects to factor in is the height and structure of the ceiling. For solid ceilings that can take the 35 lb. weight, the height should be enough to establish the most suitable mount. For suspended ceilings, the weight will be too much and you must consider fitting the mount beyond the height of the ceiling itself - onto the supporting solid support beam in the void. 
The desired image size should also be taken into account. A simple calculation is used to help determine the distance from the MotionLearn's projection lens (otherwise know as the "throw distance").
Throw Distance = Lens Throw Ratio x Image Width
For ease of calculation, we recommend a minimum of 1.2 for establishing the minimum Throw Distance required.
For example, for an image of 100", the projection system would need a distance of 120" from the lens to the surface.