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  • Laser Amazer
    Laser Amazer

    Light up any room with this Laser.This green and red laser produces more...

  • Mini Tri-Light
    Mini Tri-Light

    The Mini Tri Light is an easy-to-use LED color ball that produces 56...

  • Liquid Effects Wheel Blue/Purple
    Liquid Effects Wheel Blue/Purple

    This wheel combines vivid colored immiscible liquids!These 6" Effects...

  • LED Pinspot RGBW
    LED Pinspot RGBW

    Pinspot with red, green, blue and white diodes on one LED.It produces...

  • Deluxe Sensory Shelf
    Deluxe Sensory Shelf

    NEW! Create a soothing, relaxing sensory room without taking up any...

  • Mirrored LineLight Panel
    Mirrored LineLight Panel

    This wall mounted UV Line Light Panel gives off a brilliant glow under...


New products

  • TFH Indoor Swing Suspension Unit
    TFH Indoor Swing Suspension Unit

    The triple suspension bearings makes it easy to attach a wide range of...

  • DNA Ball
    DNA Ball

    These DNA Balls are popular fidgets, stress-reducers and hand...

  • Light Up DNA Ball
    Light Up DNA Ball

    The light up DNA Ball is a popular sensory fidget toy. Each squeeze...

  • Foam Floor Tiles
    Foam Floor Tiles

    A soft landing is so important whether you are coming off a swing or...