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Bubble Tube Active

TFH Active Bubble Tubes have controllable bubbles and cycle through a wide range of colors. All LED. Three sizes available (see right).
Enjoy the sights and sounds of this relaxing sensory support tool alone or as part of one of our unique Multi Sensory Environments. Solid and strong, which is great because they are cool to the touch and vibrate. Also provide calming bubble sounds.
We have improved the capabilities of our bubble tubes to include speed control on the base so you can customize every sensory session to one's particular needs. This constantly changing swirl of color can be halted with a switch (not included). All Active Bubble Tubes are LED and compatilble with our range of controllers so you can upgrade to make your Active Bubble Tube interactive.
Maintenance: Use only distilled water to fill. Add one capful of Bubble Tube Additive (9BCCA) each month to keep water clear. Evaporation of the water is a nature occurring process. Add distilled water when this occurs. To clean the outside of the Bubble Wall we recommend our Bubble Tube Cleaner (9BCC). To drain the tube for interior cleaning, use our Bubble Tube Drainage Pump (9BCPUMP).
See full Care & Maintenance Instructions at bottom of page.

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  • 70"H x 6" Diameter
  • 48"H x 6" Diameter
  • 80"H x 6" Diameter

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Power Transformer
Shipping Oversized
9BC120A (48")   5.5 gallons
9BC175A (70")   8 gallons
9BC200A (80")   9 gallons