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Hurricane Tube

This waterless tube is alive with activity. Originally conceived as an alternative to a bubble tube, it has quickly become a firm favorite with customers. 
A fan drives a current of light beads up and down the tube giving an effect very similar to bubbles.
The fan is adjustable and different effects can be obtained from a raging torrent to a mesmerizing hovering effect.
You are in control. Fully color controllable and switch ready. Use any of our wired, wireless or Bluetooth color or sound sensitive controllers with our Hurricane Tubes. Use your favorite switch to control the fan to watch the beads turn on and off.
The LED light smoothly transitions through the colors maintaining focus and attention.
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  • Interactive - 48"H x 6" Dia.
  • Wireless - 48"H x 6" Dia
  • Active - 48"H x 6" Dia.
  • Active - 80"H x 6" Dia.
  • Interactive - 80"H x 6" Dia.
  • Wireless - 80"H x 6" Dia

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Dimensions 6" dia
Weight 17 lb. - 20 lb.
Active Hurricane Tube - Includes a Jelly Bean Switch that turns the fan on and off. Compatible with all wired, wireless, sound sensitive and Bluetooth controllers so you can upgrade your Active Hurricane Tube at any time.
Interactive Hurricane Tube - Includes our Wired 4-Button Color Controller that lets you choose the color in the tube. 16 color combinations available. 
WirelessIncludes the Wireless Receiver and Wireless 4-Button Color Controller. You can add any of our other wireless controllers (sold separately)but you only need one Wireless Receiver.
MSE Genie - Use your iPad or iPhone to control your Active Hurricane Tube. Add the MSE Genie Receiver and download the app on iTunes for free.
Hurricane Tubes are compatible with our range of color controllers:

Wired 4-Button Color Controller
Wireless 4-Button Color Controller
Wireless Cube Color Controllers
Wireless Joystick Color Controller
Wireless Sound Sensitive Color Controller
(All sold separately)