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A rocking chair, a spinning top, a cradle, or a tunnel - children create countless uses for the award-winning Bilibo, both indoors and out.
Bilibo is big enough that kids of different ages can sit in it comfortably.
This uniquely shaped toy arouses curiosity stimulates senses, engages imagination, encourages creativity.
Made of High-density Polyethylene which is shock-resistant, weather-proof, food safe and completely recyclable. 

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Dimensions L: 15.75" x W: 15.75" x H: 9"
Weight No weight limit
Says Alex Hochstrasser, Swiss inventor and designer of Bilibo, “When I introduced the prototypes at the kindergarten of my hometown, the little ones were astonished at first. But then a boy sat down in Bilibo and started spinning, a girl turned Bilibo around and tried to balance on him – after that you just could not stop them any more.”