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  • MotionLearn Interactive Floor
    MotionLearn Interactive Floor

    Learning and therapy have never been so much fun. This all-in-one...

  • Super Star Light Effect
    Super Star Light Effect

    This LED lighting fixure has 3 different lighting effects in one and 6...


New products

  • TFH Indoor Swing Suspension Unit
    TFH Indoor Swing Suspension Unit

    The triple suspension bearings makes it easy to attach a wide range of...

  • DNA Ball
    DNA Ball

    These DNA Balls are popular fidgets, stress-reducers and hand...

  • Light Up DNA Ball
    Light Up DNA Ball

    The light up DNA Ball is a popular sensory fidget toy. Each squeeze...

  • Foam Floor Tiles
    Foam Floor Tiles

    A soft landing is so important whether you are coming off a swing or...