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  • MotionLearn Interactive Floor
    MotionLearn Interactive Floor

    Learning and therapy have never been so much fun. This all-in-one...

  • Super Star Light Effect
    Super Star Light Effect

    This LED lighting fixure has 3 different lighting effects in one and 6...


New products

  • Tactile Solution Kit
    Tactile Solution Kit

    Here's a group of our most popular tactile products to use with just...

  • Sensory Ball Kit
    Sensory Ball Kit

    Enjoy this kit filled with fun shapes and textures. Develop your fine...

  • MSE Starter Pack 1
    MSE Starter Pack 1

    Get your sensory programming up and running with this super super...

  • Sensory Brush Kit
    Sensory Brush Kit

    Here's a bunch of brushes to soothe and calm. Each brush has a different...



  • Body Bumper
    Body Bumper

    Helps develop upper and lower body...

    $279.20 -20% $349.00