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SchKIDules Home Bundle is a perfect path to a great looking magnetic visual schedule with lots of options. The 19 headings allow designs that focus on everything from a single set of tasks to the entire week.  Visual schedules help kids follow their routines independently, supplement verbals with easy-to-understand visuals, fight distraction with a go-to visual reminder and reduce anxiety and stress.  Teachers use visual all the time to help class time run smoothly.  This home bundle lets you continue this healthy practice at home and comes with 70 magnets focused on routines, daily events, extracurricular activities and chores.  Great for type A toddlers, Kids learning self management and kids with diagnosis such as Autism, Aspergers, SPD and ADHD.

What's included: 1 (14x12) magnetic board, 19 headings magnets, and the following 70 (2x2) home related Activity Magnets: gymnastics, bike ride, church, dentist, doctor, playground, haircut, library, movie night, music, out to eat, party, aquarium/zoo, shopping, special event, sports, swim, play date, dance, Trip, wipe sink, clean room, dishes, feed pets, garbage, laundry, set table, pick up toys, clear table, make bed, arts and crafts, backpack, bath, bedtime, breakfast, brush teeth, brush teeth, comb hair, computer, dessert, dinner, drink, family time, free time, games, get dressed, gloves/hat, going out, homework, jacket, lunch, nap, outside play, PJ, potty, reading, restroom, reward, school, shoes, shower, snack, socks, tablet, toy time, tv, video games, wake up, walk, wash hands

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Dimensions Board is L: 14" x W: 12"
Warning !!!CHOKING HAZARD (1) not for under 3 years.