Fish Tunnel






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DimensionsL: 15'

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This is a  miraculous tool for transitions, crawling activities, heavy work, and calming.  You'll delight in the fantasy activities listed in the activity guide.  You'll marvel at the kids wonderful results in core strengthening, better breathing, and improved focus and concentration.

The 15'  long fish is constructed of resistive stretch LYCRA and details are in soft, tactilely-yummy fleece, with transparent vinyl eyes that kids adore peeking through.

The uniquely hinged mouth allows an adult to control the opening with one hand if desired.

The tail can be comfortably wrapped and tied around an adult's waist while slowly pulling children for the slow, calming, deep pressure of a ride on a carpeted floor.

This Fish can be stored compactly, and used in homes, clinics, and classrooms.

Pulling is not recommended for children who exceed 100 lbs.

Both ends are open and each opening is approximately 37" wide.