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Our appreciation of colour is basic to the meaning we get from seeing an object. If we can change the colour we have a method of expressing our mood.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items

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  • Rainbow Numbers
    Rainbow Numbers

    0-9 and 2 x 0 & 1.

  • Rainbow Shakers
    Rainbow Shakers

    16 hardwood envelopes contain 3 different materials: Sand; Beads; and...

  • Rainbow Letters
    Rainbow Letters

    26 acrylic letters in bright clear colours and a clear font.

  • Rainbow Shapes Large
    Rainbow Shapes Large

    6 geometric shapes.

  • Rainbow Splats
    Rainbow Splats

    10 funky shapes._x000D_

  • Ultra Slim Light Panel 50CM
    Ultra Slim Light Panel 50CM

    The Ultra Slim Light Panel from TFH is a tough, but lightweight portable...