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Swinging is tremendous fun, but it is also the basis of Sensory Integration therapy.  TFH swings are used by professionals. TFH have even launched a new swing business Brave Toys to take some therapy concepts into gardens across the country.

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Showing 13 - 24 of 43 items

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    The Jungle Jumparoo® is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.The metal...

  • Balancing Board
    Balancing Board

    The three colourful wooden balls should be rolled through the labyrinth...

  • Suction Kit - Set of 2
    Suction Kit - Set of 2

    Stimulating table top toys that secure to hard surfaces with the aid of...

  • Magic Mushroom
    Magic Mushroom

    Every time you speak, the mushroom changes colour.


Top sellers in this Category

  • Special Needs Swing Seat
    Special Needs Swing Seat

    Comfortable supported swing seat, available in 3 sizes, child, teenage...

  • Full Support Seat Liner
    Full Support Seat Liner

    Racy seat liner fits into the child seat for additional comfort. Not...

  • Teenage/Child Rain Cover
    Teenage/Child Rain Cover

    A waterproof, quick to fit cover.

  • Nest Swing
    Nest Swing

    Nest Swings are becoming more and more popular in local play parks and...

  • Wheelchair Platform and Swing Frame
    Wheelchair Platform and Swing Frame

    The lightweight aluminium platform is suspended from a sturdy steel...

  • Frammock Nautical
    Frammock Nautical

    A relaxing space, that can be wild. A human-shaped nest swing, it is...