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Spin Rock Bounce

The equipment in this section has a place both in the playground or garden and for use in sensory integration.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items

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    The Jungle Jumparoo® is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.The metal...

  • Balancing Board
    Balancing Board

    The three colourful wooden balls should be rolled through the labyrinth...

  • Suction Kit - Set of 2
    Suction Kit - Set of 2

    Stimulating table top toys that secure to hard surfaces with the aid of...

  • Magic Mushroom
    Magic Mushroom

    Every time you speak, the mushroom changes colour.


Top sellers in this Category

  • Bouncing Chair (3 sizes)
    Bouncing Chair (3 sizes)

    Our comfortable sturdy bouncing chair is available in three sizes and...

  • Giant Top
    Giant Top

    The Giant Top is perfect for lolling in and rolling around! Simply get...

  • Rock Around
    Rock Around

    Gentle circular rocking with room for one more.

  • Jump-o-lene

    An inflatable bouncer. With high walls the Jump-o-lene is a safe bet for...

  • Bilibo

    More than just a one man Balancer, this popular shape will pass muster...

  • Teeter Popper
    Teeter Popper

    This wobbly bobbly board pops while you rock, very moreish.