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Indoor Swings

The pleasure, and vestibular value, of swinging need not be confined to the garden or playground. TFH have a choice of methods of fitting the swing indoors or in a garage.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items

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  • Skeleton Swing -  Modern Grey
    Skeleton Swing - Modern Grey

    A new swing seat designed for comfort and available in a choice of colours.

  • Deep Fabric Coracle
    Deep Fabric Coracle

    A suspended ball pit providing light and deep touch in combination with...

  • Sling Swing
    Sling Swing

    The give in the soft fabric is an opportunity to experiment with body...

  • Square Bolster
    Square Bolster

    This swing allows vestibular stimulation to be given with a stable base...

  • Cocoon

    The calming effects of this darkened safe space promote the sensory...

  • Small Platform With Padded Walls
    Small Platform With Padded Walls

    Provides the security that some children need while still allowing...