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Sand Water

Two contrasting tactile experiences are provided by sand and water. Always use washed play sand, never building sand which is filthy.

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Showing 13 - 16 of 16 items

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  • Hourglass Sand & Water Tray
    Hourglass Sand & Water Tray

    The feel of sand between your fingers, the coolness of the water against...

  • Scrunch Bucket X1
    Scrunch Bucket X1

    Bendable foldable bucket.

  • Hourglass Cover - Stretchy
    Hourglass Cover - Stretchy

    Fits smartly over the Hourglass to "put it away" or to keep the sand...

  • Exploration Tray
    Exploration Tray

    The folding stand locks into place to carry its lightweight load.

  • Wooden Cover
    Wooden Cover

    Enables space to be used when standard water tray not in use.

  • Aquaplay

    19 piece water circuit, requires assembly. Includes a crane, and boats...