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Tactile Discrimination

Discriminating between different surfaces is a form of sorting. We may also discover through play, what the client likes or dislikes.

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Showing 37 - 38 of 38 items

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  • Tactile Bag
    Tactile Bag

    A set of 20 squares of material with different textures packed in a...

  • Snake Skin
    Snake Skin

    The skin slides over the Viberating Snake (not included) and adds a...

  • Tactile Box
    Tactile Box

    Crafty slanted wooden box displays all ten pairs of wood-backed tactile...

  • Tactillos

    Five large rubbery stepping stones with matching handheld tokens. Each...

  • Fan and Lights Reward
    Fan and Lights Reward

    Press a switch - the lights flash, the fan blows. Very robust. Requires...

  • Tactile Shapes Farm
    Tactile Shapes Farm

    Each chunky farmyard animal is easy to lift and can be played with away...