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Floor Skittles


These boomerang floor skittles make all the fun of the bowling alley accessible for all!

Featuring a sloping 2.44m long ramp, a steep slope to help players aim, a metal ball and nine wooden skittles, this game is ideal for seated players who don’t even need to leave their chair to retrieve the ball or re-set the skittles. Take aim, release the ball and see how many skittles you can knock down in one hit!

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Dimensions 244 x 36 x 48cm

This sturdy Floor Skittles set can be enjoyed by a wide range of players – even those with limited mobility in their legs thanks to a number of features.

The sloping base ensures the ball always rolls back to the starting position and can be retrieved using the tube with rubber grip which is supplied as part of the set, whilst an integral mechanism makes it easy to reset the skittles by pulling the lever.

Skittles can be enjoyed as a solo activity or with other people making it a useful aid for developing socialisation and communication skills.

Accurately placing the ball in the aiming channel helps to develop hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills, whilst pulling the handle to right the skittles offers proprioceptive input as players will need to push with a certain amount of force to trigger the action.

At 2.44m long and made from wood, the ramp is designed to be set-up and left out for players to use whenever they wish - making it ideal for communal spaces in hospices and day care centres, as well as learning and leisure venues.    

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