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Sensory Den

get away into a world of your own

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

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  • The Cosy Cave
    The Cosy Cave

    The lightweight pop-up sensory den from TFH is designed to provide...

  • Gross Motor UV Kit
    Gross Motor UV Kit

    Ball, Bean Bags , Scarves, Balls and a Slinky

  • Cosy Cave Kit
    Cosy Cave Kit

    Perfect little kit for dark places. Colour change egg, Fibre optic...

  • UV Torch
    UV Torch

    Low power for close up work. 

  • Uv Rods
    Uv Rods

    Sturdy sticks that shine. Set of 4.

  • Fine Motor UV Kit
    Fine Motor UV Kit

    Rattle, Slinky and Tangle.