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New products

  • Magic Mushroom
    Magic Mushroom

    Every time you speak, the mushroom changes colour.

  • Light Show Pool Noodle
    Light Show Pool Noodle

    Soft, buoyant noodle with battery powered illuminations.

  • Ergo Hand
    Ergo Hand

    The 50cms equilateral triangle is made of tough, coloured plastic with a...

  • Light Table
    Light Table

    Provide a firm and brilliant surface for all sorts of artwork.


Top sellers in this Category

  • Vibrating Pillow with Knobs on
    Vibrating Pillow with Knobs on

    Press to activate- batteries not included.

  • Vibrating Pillow (Switch Operated)
    Vibrating Pillow (Switch Operated)

    Switch and batteries not included.

  • Tactile Pillow
    Tactile Pillow

    Weighty buckwheat-filled pillow with 6 coloured tactile materials.

  • Moonlight Cushion
    Moonlight Cushion

    A simple tap of this white plush fur cushion will bring it to life, or...

  • Sensory Pillow Set
    Sensory Pillow Set

    One foam insert and 5 different tactile skins. As an extra idea, try...

  • Plushy Jelly
    Plushy Jelly

    Swirly material and 8 jolly tingly tentacles