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Vibrating Pouch


Suede-effect soft pouch, vibrates when squeezed.

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VAT Exemptible Yes
Power 2 x D cell batteries
Dimensions 14cms x 7cms

Help your child improve their sensory processing abilities with our vibrating pouch – a soft pouch that vibrates when squeezed.

Vibration can be extremely calming and soothing for children with sensory processing disorders such as autism or ADHD. A simple vibration toy such as a vibrating pouch can calm and soothe a hyper excited child who is feeling overwhelmed or in the middle of a melt-down.

Sensory integration products such as a vibrating pouch have been used successfully for the treatment of children with mild to severe sensory processing disorders. A vibrating pouch is a soft pouch that vibrates when it is squeezed.

The vibrating pouch can calm kids that need more sensory feedback. Also, these pouches can help children who find it hard;

  •          Sitting in one place
  •          Successfully completing a task
  •          Getting distracted easily
  •          Dealing with tactile sensitivities
  •          Processing situations
  •          Concentrating

Product Features and Specifications

A very simple vibrating unit that activates with a push

The Vibrating Pouch is pressure activated. It starts vibrating as soon as it is squeezed. To turn it off, just remove pressure and the vibration stops. No cords, remotes or switches to worry about! Just squeeze it and enjoy the vibrations without the worry of complicated operating switches or instructions.

  1.        Removable pouch is hand washable.
  2.        Gentle vibrations encourage relaxation and work well to calm down an over stimulated individual.
  3.        It is easy to use with no switches or cords.
  4.        Provides children with tactile sensory input.
  5.        Available in assorted colors.

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