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Bubble Tubes

Big bold and beautiful, TFH columns are also quiet, adjustable and interactive.  There are plenty of options why not call for advice? 01299 827820

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items

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New products

  • Mountain Stream CD
    Mountain Stream CD

    Pure natural sounds. The ever-changing sound of clear water cascading...

  • Wrist Weights
    Wrist Weights

    Two 1/4lb weights to be worn on the wrist to provide weight bearing and...

  • Giant Tickle Tunnel
    Giant Tickle Tunnel

    Big fun in a big tent!

  • Vibrator Mitt
    Vibrator Mitt

    Provides soft vibrating massage for relaxation and sensory stimulation.


Top sellers in this Category

  • Fish

    Three fish that bob and weave about in the bubbles. For use with our...

  • Bubble Column Security Bracket
    Bubble Column Security Bracket

    Attach the telescopic bracket to your wall and prevent movement of the...

  • Budget Bubble Tube
    Budget Bubble Tube

    The Budget Bubble Tube/Column is switch adapted for bubble control we...

  • Bubble Tube
    Bubble Tube

    Full size British-Made Bubble Tube. 

  • Bubble Column Podium
    Bubble Column Podium

    Hide the Bubble column base and prevent its movement. A padded wooden...

  • Bubble Column Bean Bag
    Bubble Column Bean Bag

    A very comfortable way to get cosy with a bubble column. Made of tough...